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By: Dr. Perrotta


Why another blog is probably the first question many people would ask when realizing that the Centers for Family Change has a blog. The answer: it is our aim to offer a blog that is unique, that offers the reader (lay person and professional) an opportunity to consider some of the more complex issues in the mental health field. In past blogs we have touched on topics ranging from the adolescent mental health crisis to the impact of outside investors on the provision of mental health services to family cut-offs to questions related to how therapy works and how therapy can potentially be helpful/beneficial. The blogs are meant to stimulate critical thinking about issues, not offer answers. 

The blogs are written by Peter Perrotta, PhD. Dr. Perrotta is the President and one of the founders of the Centers for Family Change. He has been a practicing psychologist for over 35 years and has watched our field evolve and change over that time. It is our hope that his thoughts and insights can help all of us consider complex issues in a thoughtful and constructive manner.

Finally, you are welcome to copy these articles and share them with friends or colleagues. However, we do request that you be sure to attribute the materials to Centers for Family Change.

Dr. Perrotta


The self-care trap

Dr. Perrotta
While I have often found myself to be somewhat skeptical about the concept of self-care, I recently listened to a podcast (3) on the topic that helped me crystalize my…

Family Cut-offs

The first thing that popped into my head when I was reading the listserve discussion of estrangement or cut-off from parents was of two clients I had previously worked with…

Challenges to Quality Mental Health Care

Dr. Perrotta
The founders of Cerebral (an on-line telehealth company) may have started out with idealistic motives, but reporting clearly suggests that if this was the case that the company transformed into…

The Kids are not Alright

Dr. Perrotta
Those of us old enough to remember the Who, likely remember the song titled “the kids are alright,” an anthem to the spirit of young people. Sadly, this is no…

The Importance of Structure

When I was first introduced to family systems therapy in the 1980s one of the preeminent models was “Structural Family Therapy” which emphasized hierarchy and boundaries.  The focus on hierarchy…