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The Centers for Family Change is looking for ethical, motivated and committed therapists to join our practice (offices in Oakbrook, Naperville, Oak Lawn, and Downtown Chicago, as well as the option of working remotely). Visit our hiring page to find out more!

About the Centers for Family Change:

The Centers for Family Change was established in 1985. Initially, we focused on working with children, adolescents and families. As we have grown over the past 30 years we have expanded our services to address a wide range of issues. However, our commitment to providing high-quality cost-effective services is unchanged. Moreover, we continue to strive to offer  services that are respectful of our clients, collaborative in nature, and attuned to the effects of family, social and political factors on our clients’ lives. Our therapists use evidence-based treatment approaches, receive in-service trainings and consultation, and actively solicit feedback from all of our clients to help us better evaluate the effectiveness of our services.

Meet our New Therapists!

Michael Castellanos


Oakbrook & Naperville Offices

Elijah Eiler


Oakbrook & Oak Lawn Offices

Stephanie Vajram Gill nee Maddela


Oakbrook Office

Our Latest Blog Post

Two podcasts recently caught my attention. The first examined the impact of venture capital on the American economy (1). Gretchen Morgenson, the co-author of “These are the Plunders: How Private Equity Runs and Wrecks America,” was extremely critical of venture capitalism because of its impacts, which include layoffs, pressure to make important decisions based on financial criteria only and the demoralization of employees. The second podcast  explored the concept of moral injury (2). The author, Elay Press, examined how physicians