Peter Perrotta, Ph.D.

Professional Licensure:

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


• ADHD treatment (adults, children & adolescents)
• Adolescent Concerns Including Conduct Problems
• Childhood Problems
• Couples Concerns (Communication, Conflict, & Infidelity)
• Depression & Mood Disorders
• Anxiety Disorders (all ages)
• Family Therapy
• Men’s Issues

Locations & Hours:

Oakbrook: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays.

Solving Problems of Children and Adolescents

Frequent temper outbursts, poor judgment, irresponsible behavior, problems with anxiety and depression, and low self-esteem: these are common problems that many children and adolescents experience, particularly those with ADHD. For over 30 years I have worked with families to help children and adolescents learn to make better choices, improve emotional regulation and self-control, and develop an increased sense of responsibility. To solve these problems, I involve both children and parents in therapy. I utilize a family therapy approach because I firmly believe that children and teens need support, assistance, and consistent structure to flourish. I view parents as resources for their children and teens, not as the cause of their difficulties. My goal is to assist your child in overcoming their difficulties, developing more effective coping and communication skills, and strengthening their sense of personal responsibility.

I have extensive experience in treating ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults. When working with children and teens with ADHD I strongly recommend a family focused approach. ADHD is a disorder of self-regulation/self-control. Thus, teens and children with ADHD need more parental structure and support. My focus is to help all family members better understand the impact of ADHD, and find ways to help family members with ADHD maximize their strengthens. With adults, my focus is to help you strengthen your abilities to manage your ADHD symptoms and work through the negative impact that ADHD may have had on your sense of emotional well-being and self-confidence.

Making Marriages, Relationships, and Families Work Again

Marriages and families are all too often faced with a breakdown in communication, an increase in conflict and a loss of intimacy and connection. Therapy can help solve these problems. My approach to working with couples and families is problem focused and direct. When I work with families and couples, I take an active approach: identifying specific strategies you can use right away; following up and fine tuning these strategies; and working to stop destructive patterns of arguing and blaming that exacerbate problems.

My approach to couples and relationships issues is what is called a systems approach. Thus, the focus on therapy is on helping you identify and change negative patterns in your relationship and build more effective, mutually rewarding, and positive ways of engaging each other. I also  regularly solicit your feedback in order to fine tune my efforts and improve the effectiveness of therapy.

Men’s Issues

Traditionally men have been less likely to seek therapy for themselves. Men, particularly those of us who were raised with and taught a more traditional definition of masculinity, can be less comfortable with identifying and sharing our feelings, reflecting on our choices, and taking on non-traditional tasks and roles. Therapy, with its emphasis on vulnerability and sharing of emotions may be off-putting for some men.

My approach to working with men considers these challenges. I focus on helping men identify and resolve the problems they are facing in a way that fits for them. This often involves taking a more problem focused approach, and includes acknowledging the unique challenges that men face in our modern society whether it be career demands, the challenges of family life, or the expectations that many of us, as men, hold for ourselves. I have an interest in working with professionals and small business owners (both male and female). I am aware of the unique challenges those of us who run a small business or professional practice encounter.

Biographical Information

Dr. Peter Perrotta is a licensed psychologist and the President of the Centers for Family Change. Dr. Perrotta has over 30 years of private practice experience, has worked in community mental health as a consultant, and as a Pediatric Psychologist (at Christ Hospital). Dr. Perrotta is a member of the Illinois Psychological Association’s Ethics Committee.

Professional Education

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology State Univ. of New York at Buffalo
Post-Doctoral Training Family Systems Program, Institute for Juvenile Research, Chicago, IL


To reach Dr. Perrotta, call 630-586-0900  ext 10.

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before contacting a therapist regarding scheduling.

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