Jenna Halverson, M.S.W., LSW

Professional Licensure:

Licensed Social Worker

*Jenna is currently practicing under the supervision of senior staff at Centers for
Family Change, until which time Jenna receives her LCSW.


• Adolescents & Young Adults
• Maternal Mental Health
• Women’s Issues
• Depression & Mood Disorders (all ages)
• Anxiety
• Substance Abuse (teens & adults)
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
• Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Locations & Hours:

Oakbrook: Mondays & Thursdays

My Approach to Therapy

I believe that we are much more than  our mistakes or the product of our past  experience. I view people as capable of change and growth.  To assist you in achieving the changes that you want, my approach to therapy emphasizes identifying and building on your strengths. I will work with you to explore and better understand how your past experiences have affected you and how you can learn and grow from past struggles.  I am committed to providing a safe, non-judgmental, and empathetic space in which you can freely explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences.  My approach is strengths-based. I draw on ACT and CBT as well as insight oriented therapies and will collaborate with you to find an approach that best fits your needs.. My experience in community mental health has helped me gain an appreciation for strengths-based therapy interventions, which are about empowering the individual.

Working with Children, Teens, & Young Adults

Given the complexities and stresses facing young people today the transition to adulthood may at times feel overwhelming to young adults.  I specialize in working with teens and emerging adults who are adjusting to new phases in their lives. 

 In my work with young adults I focus on major life changes such as going away to school, finding a job, and living on their own. I will work with you to help you face these and other challenges and assist you in strengthening important coping and life skills to help you better face these new challenges. In my work with young adults I often focus on strengthening problem-solving, decision-making, setting boundaries, and healthy communication skills. I enjoy helping young people to establish their identity, cultivate self-esteem and self-confidence, and navigate difficult changes in their lives.  

In my work with adolescents I focus with teens on coping more effectively with the many competing pressures they face.  These pressures and stresses range from social media (which can be a dominant presence in the lives of many teens) to pressures to excel and achieve, to anxieties about the stressful world we live in. In working with adolescents I focus on helping teens strengthen their self-confidence, develop more effective ways to cope with the many challenges they face, and make healthier choices. I work with a wide range of problems including but not limited to anxiety, depression, achievement issues,  substance use, and social difficulties. In my work with teens I seek to involve parents and work to address your concerns as parents and strive to respect your values.

Working with Adults

Many adults often feel overwhelmed with life’s many demands and challenges. Juggling work and family life, career pressures, life transitions, and a variety of factors can feel overwhelming at times.  Add to this the pressure we often put on ourselves, that we “should be doing” more, that if we just think positively we can overcome and cope with the problems that arise in our lives, and that these burdens fall on us alone.  I will support you as you confront these challenges.  My focus is to help you better understand yourself, draw on your strengths and offer you tools to help you improve your mental health.  I have experience working with individuals with issues related to a variety of stresses and issues.  I also have experience assisting people in overcoming substance abuse problems.

Maternal Mental Health

Becoming a mother today feels more challenging than it has ever been. I understand the unique challenges that motherhood can bring and how it can feel overwhelming and isolating at times. Becoming a mom can feel like a complete transformation of your identity. Your relationship with your partner may change, and even your relationships with family and friends. Therapy can give you the space to make sense of it all. I work with postpartum depression, anxiety, stress, guilt, self-care, identity struggles, and relationship challenges within the context of motherhood.

Professional Education

Masters of Social Work, Northern Arizona University


To reach Jenna Halverson, please call 630-586-0900 ext. 25

All new clients please speak to our intake team at 630 586-0900 ext. 1
before contacting a therapist regarding scheduling.