Teletherapy: Staying Safe in the age of Covid-19

Our continued commitment to provide accessible therapy services…

The Centers for Family Change continues to offer teletherapy services in addition to our in-office services.  Our goal remains to provide high-quality cost-effective services in a safe and secure manner. To that end we:

Offer Secure Platforms

for encrypted, HIPAA compliant video sessions

Use Secure Email

that is HIPAA compliant to facilitate private communication*

Assist with Insurance

to help you clarify coverage for teletherapy services

Have Questions? Contact us!

Our intake therapists will answer any of your questions about teletherapy and help you select a Centers for Family Change therapist who can assist you and your family

*Most but not all of our therapists choose to communicate with email. We continue to offer our encrypted voice mail system as a way to reach us.