Teletherapy: Staying Safe in the age of Covid-19

Announcing the Introduction of Teletherapy!

The Centers for Family Change is pleased to announce that we are now offering teletherapy services to all or our clients (old and new).  Our goal remains to provide high-quality cost-effective services in a safe and secure manner. To that end we:

Offer Secure Platforms

for encrypted, HIPAA compliant video and phone sessions

Offer Options

for both telephonic and video therapy

Use Secure Email

that is HIPAA compliant to facilitate private communication*

Assist with Insurance

to help you clarify coverage for teletherapy services**

Have Questions? Contact us!

Our intake therapists will answer any of your questions about teletherapy and help you select a Centers for Family Change therapist who can assist you and your family

*Most but not all of our therapists choose to communicate with email. We continue to offer our encrypted voice mail system as a way to reach us.

**Many insurance companies are temporarily waiving co-pays to facilitate care in these difficult times. We will actively monitor insurance benefits to help you maximize your benefits.