Our History

The Centers for Family Change was founded in 1985 by two psychologists and two social workers, who all had worked in community mental health and been trained in family therapy. As a result, we believed in the importance of social context, in examining how the family, the community and the broader society affected our clients. Over the years these beliefs have continued to influence our practice and guide our work, and have led us to expand our practice to include therapists who have a particular interest in working with issues of diversity and LGBTQ concerns.

We have and we continue to work to give back to the communities in which our clients live and work. As part of this effort we have offered sliding scale services (which we recently have expanded) as well as no-cost debriefing sessions to those on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic. We strive to offer our clients a practice in which their values and history are respected, and in which the impact of social context is considered. As part of our efforts to work collaboratively with our clients (and improve our services) we adopted Feedback Informed Therapy (FIT).  FIT has enabled us to actively solicit our clients’ feedback and engage our clients more fully as partners in the treatment process. Finally, we continuously strive to improve and enhance our services and actively welcome your feedback on how we can improve our efforts.