Elijah Eiler, M.S.W., LSW

Professional Licensure:

Licensed Social Worker*

*Elijah is currently practicing under the supervision of senior staff at Centers for Family Change, until which time Elijah receives their LCSW.


• Problems of Childhood & Adolescence
• Autism Spectrum/Neurodiversity
• Anxiety & Mood Disorders
• LGBTQIA Issues
• Grief & Loss
• Trauma-Focused Treatment
• Internal Family Systems Therapy

Locations & Hours:

Oak Lawn: Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays

My Approach to Therapy

Our experience of life is made up of our relationships and the stories we tell ourselves about them, whether those are relationships we have with other people, with social and political forces, or with different parts of ourselves. At times, these stories can hinder you, hold you back in your life.  Therapy provides a place of safety where, with the assistance of your therapist, you examine the stories you tell yourself and how they affect you and your relationships with others. My focus in my work with you will be to help you better understand yourself, including the different aspects or “parts” of yourself. I will also work with you to assist you in clarifying your values and developing a greater sense of self-acceptance. When you come to recognize that all parts of you ultimately want what is best for you and for others, it allows you to utilize your strengths and become an active participant and leader in your internal life and in the world around you.   In my work as a therapist, I draw heavily on the internal family systems model and systems focused work.  Depending on your needs, I also integrate cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and trauma informed therapy into my work.

Children & Adolescents

My professional background has been in schools. I have experience supporting the mental health, social/emotional well-being, and behavior of youth of all ages and have worked with children and teens experiencing anxiety and depression, LGBTQIA concerns, and disabilities including ADHD, autism, and visual impairments. I view all behavior as communication and as an opportunity to learn more about your child. In my work I draw on a neurodiversity framework and seek to understand the ways your child or teen experiences and shows up in the world. My focus is on helping your child/teen develop more adaptive and effective ways in coping with the challenges they face.  When I work with teens, my aim is to assist them in better understanding themselves, clarifying their values, and working through challenges that are holding them back from being their best self.  I actively seek to collaborate with parents and caregivers and consider your goals in formulating treatment goals. I will also work with you on ways that you can best support your child or teens development.

In my work with young adults, I emphasize a developmental focus and seek to support them in successfully navigating the transition to adulthood.  The world has become increasingly challenging, and many young adults need support to help them find their place in the world, a place that is congruent with their values and aspirations.


I prioritize diversity, freedom of expression, and social justice for all people regardless of race, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, and dis/ability status. Trauma, mental illness, relational discord, work stress, and oppression can all introduce barriers to experiences of freedom. My goal is for therapy to provide a space in which you can show up authentically and to develop the bravery to do so in other areas of your life despite these barriers.  I work with a range of adult concerns, including anxiety, depression, issues of identity, trauma, and the challenges facing those with non-traditional identities.

Professional Education

Master of Special Education – Early Intervention, Illinois State University (in progress)

Master of Social Work, University of Illinois at Chicago (2021)

Bachelor of Science in Special Education – Low Vision & Blindness, Illinois State University (2016)


To contact Elijah Eiler, call 630-586-0900 ext. 28.