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Why Another Blog?

In this age of information overload it certainly is a fair question to ask, why write, let alone read, another blog.  My hope is that this blog will be somewhat unique, offering the reader (lay person and professional) an opportunity to consider some of the more complicated and challenging issues in the mental health field.  Some of the topics will be potentially of more interest to mental health professionals while others are addressed to all readers with an interest in psychology, psychotherapy and mental health. Topics to be addressed include recent research on psychotherapy, evidenced based approaches to treatment, alternative and “innovative” treatments, ethical issues and concerns, and psychological research.

Book reviews and the arts. In addition, to writing on more traditional mental health issues and concerns I will also provide occasional reviews and thoughts on books (and even movies and plays) which touch on important issues in understanding human behavior, or which I found intellectually stimulating and thought provoking.

My goal in writing this blog is to examine various issues in a thoughtful and constructively critical manner. It is not my goal or intent to offend anyone.  However, I am confident that some will disagree, possibly quite strongly, with some of the opinions and ideas raised here. Again, my goal is to stimulate critical thinking and when possible encourage a more scientific and ethical approach to issues in the field.

Today’s therapists have the opportunity and challenge of using a variety of tools that did not exist (or were not readily accessible) 10 years ago.  Many private practitioners have websites and participate in on-line forums and list-serves.  Email, social media and text messaging all offer new ways for potentially communicating
Over 30 years ago my partners and I founded the Centers for Family Change.  One of our motivations, at that time, was to develop a private practice that emphasized family therapy as the primary modality or approach. It was our belief that the most effective way to address many common
The Power of Habit: Why We do What We do in Life and Business, by Charles Duhigg In this highly readable work, Duhigg advances the idea that much of behavior is driven or controlled by habits. His deceptively simple thesis is that if we can better understand how habits work,
A recent study about a so called “honest placebo” has received a good deal of attention. This study is particularly intriguing because unlike other studies of placebo interventions the participants clearly knew they were being given a placebo, yet still benefited from receiving the placebo. This reseach makes us stop

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