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Why Another Blog?

In this age of information overload it certainly is a fair question to ask, why write, let alone read, another blog.  My hope is that this blog will be somewhat unique, offering the reader (lay person and professional) an opportunity to consider some of the more complicated and challenging issues in the mental health field.  Some of the topics will be potentially of more interest to mental health professionals while others are addressed to all readers with an interest in psychology, psychotherapy and mental health. Topics to be addressed include recent research on psychotherapy, evidenced based approaches to treatment, alternative and “innovative” treatments, ethical issues and concerns, and psychological research.

Book reviews and the arts. In addition, to writing on more traditional mental health issues and concerns I will also provide occasional reviews and thoughts on books (and even movies and plays) which touch on important issues in understanding human behavior, or which I found intellectually stimulating and thought provoking.

My goal in writing this blog is to examine various issues in a thoughtful and constructively critical manner. It is not my goal or intent to offend anyone.  However, I am confident that some will disagree, possibly quite strongly, with some of the opinions and ideas raised here. Again, my goal is to stimulate critical thinking and when possible encourage a more scientific and ethical approach to issues in the field.

Recently I have had two clients referred to me for individual therapy, by therapists who had worked with the client and his/her spouse in couples’ therapy. In both instances the referring therapists explained that the clients had “individual issues” which “needed” to addressed in order for the client to be
For those who regularly follow the news on health care the push for “integration” is one of the most frequently highlighted issues.  The Affordable Care Act calls for and mandates greater integration of services.  Moreover, professional organizations and insurance companies have been advocating for greater integration of care for some
A few weeks ago I attended an all day workshop on the Integrative Problem Centered Metaframeworks  (IPCM) approach to therapy (1).  This workshop  activated my thinking about how to improve effectiveness in therapy, an issue I have been delving into more fully in the past year. Specifically, the IPCM model
Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity, by Andrew Solomon How do parents understand, accept, nurture, value, support and cope  with children who are different from them? Are conditions we may normally think of as handicaps really unique and different types of identities that need to
To begin with a little self-disclosure: I have been highly skeptical of ACT.  First, the clinicians who first explained ACT to me probably were not the best ambassadors for the model. Their descriptions and explanations made ACT sound as if the focus was simply on telling people it is okay

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