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As the Centers for Family Change has grown we have been able to add staff with a variety of different areas of clinical expertise. In this blog we will share our clinicians thoughts and views on how we understand and work to help our clients with a wide range of concerns and issues. We will, at times, include posts that offer different ways of understanding and working with various concerns, to reflect the diversity of our staff’s perspectives. While you are welcome to copy these articles and share them with friends or colleagues we would request that you be sure to attribute the materials to Centers for Family Change.

Whose lives matter: A middle aged man began a session by stating how his adult son is refusing to talk with him because of an argument over Black Lives Matter. The client detailed how his son had been passionately conveying his support for this movement (the son reportedly has a
The  negative impact of the Pandemic on children and families is quite apparent. Not only is there  an emerging body of research documenting the negative impact of the Pandemic (1,2,3), but there is an established body of research that has examined the impact of major disasters, social upheavals, and major
From Greta Thunberg to the young social justice activities such as Shayla Turner, young people are stepping forward to address the social issues of our time. While we are no longer surprised by teenage political activism, we may forget that younger teens and older children are also aware of and
Covid-19 has posed many challenges for families. One of these is the pressure and stress that can result from increased togetherness. For years, many parents have worried about having enough time to spend with their children, and have felt harried by the demands of work and parenting. Now that many
Every so often there is a story in the popular press raising concerns about either an increase in the rate of ADHD (implying excessive diagnosing of ADHD) and/or the over treatment of ADHD. If one delves into these stories more fully it appears that they are relying on the Centers

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