Dr. Perrotta’s Blog

In this age of information overload it certainly is a fair question to ask, why write, let alone read, another blog. My hope is that this blog will be somewhat unique, offering the reader (lay person and professional) an opportunity to consider some of the more complicated and challenging issues in the mental health field.

Centers for Family Change Blog

Our clinicians specialize in a number of areas and we are delighted to share our expertise with you here. In this blog we will offer our views and expertise on issues such as the nature & treatment of specific disorders,  developments in the provision of therapy,  the impact of social change on mental health and psychotherapy, and the challenges posed by common life stressors.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder continues to remain a controversial diagnosis despite the fact that millions of children, adolescents and adults are diagnosed with ADHD. This blog examines the complexities of issues involved in the assessment and treatment of ADHD as well as examining some of the broader issues involving this diagnosis.