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Robin Kulesza, MA, LCPC

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Professional Licensure:
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Child & Adolescent Issues
Depression & Anxiety
Grief & Loss
Family Therapy
Marital & Couples Therapy
Trauma & PTSD

Locations and Hours
Oakbrook Office: Thursdays (evening hours) & Saturdays

Child & Adolescent Issues
How do you know when it's time to seek professional help for your child or adolescent? You may have a sense that something has changed or you may notice that your child or teens’ mood, behavior (including sleep and appetite), grades or friends have changed. In some instances others may raise concerns about your child, such as school personnel. Finally, your child may ask to talk to a therapist. While parents may prefer that their children talk to them it is important to keep in mind that many children and teenagers often find it easier to open up to someone other than a parent, such as a therapist. My focus is to help your child or teen find healthy ways to address their problems, develop more effective coping skills, learn to better manage their emotions, and make healthier choices. I utilize a variety of approaches and techniques with children. With younger children I may draw on play and art therapy, while with older adolescents I often use more traditional talk therapy approaches. I also will work with you, as parents, on ways that you can more effectively help your child or adolescent. Finally, I strive to make sure that my work with your child is in line with your family’s values.

Families & Couples
Many couples, particularly those with children at home, tend to put their issues and concerns to the side. However, if you find that you are questioning your marriage or relationship I strongly encourage you to seek help. I work with couples and families in all stages of relationships: from couples considering marriage to those couples who are “empty nesters”. I also work with couples struggling with martial tensions and infidelity, as well as with those couples who feel they have lost the spark or connection in their marriage. If you are considering marriage, I recommend the PREPARE/ENRICH program to help you assess your relationship, and work to build skills together. I am a trained facilitator in the REPARE/ENRICH PROGRAM. I also use this program to help couples with a “tune up” and parenting couples strengthen their skills.

Trauma & PTSD
Many people experience traumatic events in the course of their lives. Trauma can effective you immediately, but in some instances the impact of traumatic events only becomes obvious years later. I have extensive experiencing working with children, teens and adults who have experienced trauma. I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTP) and will work with your or your family members to understand the impact and effects of trauma, identify how trauma may be an underlying factor in that is contributing to your current struggles, and help you work through and overcome the impact of trauma in your life. I will work with you to help you better understand and regulate stress reactions that you may be experiencing. I draw on a variety of strategies in my work with individuals coping with trauma including Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), and Mindfulness skills.

Biographical information:
I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who has worked agency, school, private practice and hospital settings. I also have spent 21 years in the United States Air Force, and have a well-developed understanding of military families and culture.

Professional Education
MA in Professional Counseling, McKendree University, Lebanon, IL MS in Strategic Intelligence, Defense Intelligence College, Washington, DC BA in Sociology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL

To reach Ms. Kulesza, call 630-586-0900 and leave a message at ext.27.

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