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Juliane Klinke, MSW, LCSW

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Professional Licensure:
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Child and Adolescent Problems
Family Problems (parenting & communication)
Womenís Issues
Play Therapy

Locations and Hours
Oakbrook: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (afternoon and evening hours) and Saturdays

My Approach to Therapy:
I think of therapy as I do learning to walk: being supported by skilled and caring people who helped you master a new and challenging task by supporting, assisting, guiding and encouraging you. When we learned to walk our caretakers supported by smiling, clapping, and encouraging us to keep practicing. It started hand-in-hand in the unfamiliar upright position with those who made it look easy. Learning to walk then transitioned to wobbling on our own, and even falling, at times. When we learned how to walk by ourselves we had opportunities to practice and be supported until we were able to walk on our own. While learning to walk is not a perfect parallel it does highlight the value of having support and assistance as you or your child or your family faces new challenges. Having someone alongside to encourage, support, give feedback, and teach often makes all the difference in succeeding. Allow me to come alongside to support and assist you and your family.

Working with Children and Adolescents:
My work with children and adolescents has a strong developmental focus. I see my role as helping children and teens cope with the challenging transitions they face. I work with children and adolescents who struggle with a variety of issues that affect their daily functioning. I have expertise in helping children who struggle with social judgment and the development of good social skills. I also work children and teens who struggle with attention issues, anxiety, grief, trauma, and mood disorders. I have extensive experience working with children and adolescents with autistic spectrum disorders. I focus on helping teens and children on the spectrum develop healthy and more effective communication skills, learn to better manage their emotions, and improve coping skills including developing better anger management skills. Depending on the age and needs of each child, I will utilize play therapy and/or more traditional talk therapy. I also include you, parents, in the therapy process, to help you find more effective ways to support and assist your child.

Family Problems:
The family is a system in which we all have many parts and roles. Moreover, our family impacts us, whether we are living with our family, living on our own, and or in the process of forming a new family. When there are problems or stresses within the family system these effect all family members. When family issues are part of what brings you to therapy it can often be helpful have as much of the family available to work together to address problems and changes, and work to find ways to better support each other.

Adult Concerns:
I also work with a variety of adult concerns including womenís issues, depression, anxiety and coping with life transitions. My approach is strengths based. I work with you to identify your strengths, which you may have lost sight of, and build on these strengths.

Professional Education

Masters in Social Work, Walla Walla University, Washington (2003)

To reach Juliane Klinke please call 630-586-9000 extension 26.

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