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Basic Principles for Successfully
Working with Relationship Problems

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  • Couples cannot solve problems if partners are not treating each other civilly.
    • Research has consistently demonstrated that disrespect, sarcasm, indifference, and distain are extremely damaging (see the work of John Gottman, PhD.).
    • The first step in our work with couples is to help you create a respectful and civil environment in which you can begin to address your problems.
    • We help you focus on re-establishing civility and cooperation within your relationship so you will be able to more effectively solve your problems.
  • Couples need to understand why they are struggling.
    • There are many causes/reasons that couples have problems. These range from difficulties coping with current life stresses or major life changes, to differences in needs/communication styles/expectations.
    • We know that no one explanation fits all couples. Our therapists work to help you pinpoint the reasons for your difficulties, and use this understanding to help you overcome your problems.
  • Couples need clear direction and guidance.
    • If you could solve your own problems, you would have. Part of what makes solving relationship problems difficult is that it is hard to know what to do next.
    • Our therapists give you specific strategies you can use to solve your problems.
  • Couples need help implementing and maintaining change.
    • Often what to do (to solve your problems) is clear, but how to do it and how to stick with it are not.
    • Our therapists help you stay on track while you work on new ways to communicate and solve problems.
    • We help you maintain your efforts to make changes, in the face of set backs or slips.
  • Couples need therapists who respect their values
    • Our goal is not to change how you live but help you find ways that work better for you and your relationship.
    • We have a diverse group of therapists and will seek to match you with the therapist who is the best fit for you.
  • Couples need hope and encouragement
    • At times it seems that things just cannot change, that problems cannot be fixed.
    • Our belief is that most problems can be solved.

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