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Anxiety Disorders: an Overview


What does it mean to have an anxiety disorder?

Worry and anxiety are normal emotions that everyone experiences. In fact some people are more prone to worrying, more cautious, and less inclined to take risks. Avoiding risk and thinking carefully before acting may be advantages in certain situations. However, if your anxiety reaches the point where you: find yourself worrying excessively about many things (particularly things that you cannot control); are unable to shut off or lessen your worrying; are extremely fearful in or terrified of certain situations, objects or activities; find yourself preoccupied by anxious and unpleasant thoughts; feel you have to engage in certain behaviors to ward off feelings of anxiety; or are having panic attacks, you most likely are experiencing an anxiety disorder. In addition, if you find that your anxiety is interfering with your ability to live your life, go places, work, or maintain relationships with others, you are most likely experiencing an Anxiety Disorder.

We can help!

Our first job is to help you determine if the worry and anxiety you are experiencing are normal reactions to current life stresses and demands, or whether you are experiencing an Anxiety Disorder. Our therapists are skilled in helping you make this determination. We will also help you understand how Anxiety Disorders work, which is a critical step in learning to manage and overcome your problems with anxiety.

We then work with you to develop a specific plan for treating your Anxiety Disorder. This most likely will include working with you on:

  • Reducing your level of anxiety and worry
  • Eliminating or significantly decreasing specific anxiety related symptoms
  • Developing more effective ways to cope with current life stresses
  • Identifying skills & strategies to prevent the reoccurrence of anxiety symptoms

Click here for a Guide to Getting Help with Anxiety Disorders

For more information please go to:

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