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More Information about FIT

What exactly is FIT Feedback Informed Therapy (FIT)?

  • FIT is not a new type of therapy.
  • FIT is a procedure that any therapist can use with any type of therapy.
  • FIT involves obtaining regular feedback about how therapy is working for you.

How does FIT work?

  • You will complete a brief (14 item) rating scale at the start of each session.
  • Your scale results (feedback) will be analyzed after each session.
  • Your therapist will look at your feedback data regularly.
  • Your therapist will discuss your feedback with you and work with you to use this data to make therapy more effective for you!

Why do you need to use rating scales?

  • Well developed scales provide accurate and reliable data.
  • Rating scales are far more effective than therapists just asking questions.
  • Using rating scales (FIT) has been consistently shown to increase the benefits of therapy.

Even More about FIT

FIT involves getting regular systematic feedback from you, our clients, regarding: (a) current symptoms and problems you are experiencing; and (b) your perceptions/views about whether therapy is helpful and on track.  The rating scales we are using have been developed by Acorn, a group that specializes in assisting therapists in providing Feedback Informed Therapy (FIT) to their clients. Acorn not only provides  reliable and valid rating scales, but also analyzes scale results (including tracking changes over time) so that Centers for Family Change therapists can have an accurate data on how therapy is working for you.  Acorn has also conducted a good deal of research (as have many other respected psychologists) that consistently support the benefits of FIT.

Frequently Asked Questions About FIT

Are my answers confidential?

Yes, absolutely:  We use a confidential coding system to protect your privacy.  No one but Centers for Family Change therapists can identify your scale answers and connect them to you.

If I am coming to therapy with my family who should complete the scales?

Ideally, everyone participating in therapy:  The more data we have on how therapy is working the better. Therefore, everyone participating in therapy should complete the FIT scales.  If we are working with a family or couple, the more feedback we get, the more effective we can be in working with you (as the opinions and feelings of all those involved in therapy are important).

If my child or teen is in therapy, do you want my feedback?

Yes:  If a child or teenager is being seen in individual therapy it is still helpful for us to get your (parents) feedback on how your child is doing and how you feel the therapy is working.

Really, why are you doing this?

Because it works:   Research consistently has shown that therapists who use FIT are more effective: have clients who show more improvement (greater reduction in symptoms) and are less likely to have clients drop out of therapy.


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