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Problems We Can Help You With

Work Stresses

The challenges of the work environment seem to increase daily. Our therapists can help you find more effective ways to cope with work stresses such as managing your work load, dealing with difficult co-workers and navigating a stressful work environment.

Balancing Work and Family Life

The competing pressures of work and family life often are a source of significant stress. We can help you find ways to balance these major life areas.

Coping with Life Transitions

Adult life is far from static. Adults must navigate many transitions: from marriage; to relocation; to job changes; to having children; to children leaving. Our therapists are skilled in helping adults cope with these and other developmental passages.

Professional Career Stresses

While many of us strived for years to become successful professionals, at times the demands of a professional career can be quite challenging. Our senior therapists understand the stresses of professional work and can help you cope more effectively with the unique challenges that successful professionals face in their lives.


Whether it is substance abuse, shopping, food, gambling, or sexual behavior, adults can succumb to addictive behavior. We have therapists who specialize in helping adults who struggle with addictive behaviors and addictions.

Spiritual Questions/Search for Meaning

The “search for meaning” is a struggle that is part of the human condition. Our therapists offer a non-judgmental and supportive environment in which you can explore and sort through these questions.

Anger Management

The stresses and demands of modern life can all too often lead to angry and even aggressive behavior. Our anger management specialists can help you learn to manage and appropriately express anger.

Life Stress/Stress Management

Statistics suggest that most of us will have to face stressful and difficult events in our lives. We can help you cope with and learn from the stresses that you are currently facing.

Health Problems/Chronic Illness

As we age, the chances that we or a loved one will experience a significant health problem or chronic illness, increases. Our therapists understand the impact of health problems on you and your family, and can help you cope more effectively with these challenges.

Women’s Issues

Women face unique pressures in our society. We have therapists who specializing in working with you to sort out the demanding and at times contradictory challenges and expectations that women face.


For those struggling to have a child the feelings of anxiety, sadness and frustration can, at times, be overwhelming. Our therapists can help you cope with the fears of never having a child, the stresses of fertility treatments, and the strain fertility problems can place on a marriage.


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